What happens in a Retreat?

Gain Space and

Our Retreats happen in comfortable venues with accommodation and vegetarian meals.

The core of the Retreats are the 13 Body Dearmoring sessions. The sessions happen in the mornings and in the group, within small teams which are stable for the duration of the Retreat.
The sessions build on each other and all sessions have to be attended in order to dearmor.
Core ingredients of the sessions are energy points on one’s body, which are taught and practiced, and then applied inside the small team during the session. This creates a steady and agreeable flow of energy – the points are comfortable, and oneself determines the intensity of pressure so that the points are enjoyable.
Chiropractic equipment supports the Release of armor.
One’s self investment with one’s sexual life force is another important aspect. Read more under: The role of Sexuality in Dearmoring →

  • Coaching and guidance is given during the sessions by the leading Team.
  • Participants are introduced to the sessions in a caring way, the sessions are demonstrated and key aspects are practiced prior to the sessions.
  • Pain, or sexual interaction with others are not part of the process and considered detrimental and abusive.

In addition, we offer almost daily afternoon gatherings for participants’ sharings and questions. A few afternoons are dedicated to self reflective exercises.
In our afternoon gatherings, we also share teachings and techniques from our spiritual tradition.

Some of the themes we touch upon are:

  • the impacts of armor on one’s character, and how to free one’s individual potential that lies behind the walls
  • sexuality as a self healing power, simple techniques and tools
  • orgasms beyond the common western concepts
  • tools and knowledge for reaching inner balance, peace and maturity in daily life
  • gaining energy and consciousness thru self awareness
  • how to stay in sovereignty in one’s circle, simple yet very efficient techniques
  • the genital naturalness and beauty of women and men on a Medicine wheel
  • creating a fulfilled life
  • creating a fulfilled sex life
  • tools for your ongoing refinement and integration after the process
  • sharing circle amongst women and amongst men

We also offer additional ceremonies and exercises in the realm of

  • self forgiveness
  • clearing relationships
  • raising one’s level of self-worth
  • deepening the spirit womb in men

Each participant will receive an Energy Reading which will be discussed. This can be a foundation for individual and ongoing refinement, if one chooses.
In addition, each participant is offered a time for personal and private consultation.

The Retreats are purposefully designed in such a way that there is as well free time to spend in nature and with oneself. Evenings are free for integration and self-time.

Sessions, teachings and ceremonies do not require a previous background; the process is open to participants from all religions, life-paths and spiritual orientations.

Although Body Dearmoring happens in a group, it is not a “Group Process”; each participant is here for themselves and respected and supported as such in their individual circle.