„Bodydearmoring  is a door opener to a self determined life free of fear, and full of hope!“ MG

“The Dearmoring set me free to design my life as I desire. I am not any more tossed around by the waves of my past.”  H.W.

Iris, The Hague, The Netherlands 
“When I heard what can be achieved with the dearmoring I felt a strong intuitive yes and just knew this is what I wanted. The way Sabina & Johannes hold the space with integrity in the group is just amazing, it felt right and completely safe from the beginning. Also looking back on the bodywork, that is really a blessing in itself. Initially, after that I heard what it takes to engage with my own sexual life-force I was a bit apprehensive. But I’m so happy that I didn’t let that become an obstacle. I feel so much more free in my sexual expression than before.
The effect of the Dearmoring, now I’m back in my life, is so omnipresent that it is hard to explain. I realize that before,  there were so many things that could give me hard feelings in a subtle way. Dis-satisfaction, discontent with myself…Sometimes I still feel some tension, but now I can look into it very clearly, without creating stories, and then it solves itself before I know it. Also in my interactions with others I gained plenty of space to feel into how I would like to respond. This is still new, to have this new space to be the director of my first response…. Whereas formerly I always had a first reaction from my armor, and afterwards I had to find space to manage my (and the other’s) reaction. Now I can act way more directly, which enables me to be much straighter in contact with myself and the other.

So to whomever is reading this, your soul didn’t find this page for nothing. Give yourself this priceless gift… it would fill my heart with joy to know more and more fellow human beings would be dearmored and free, to fully wake up in this dream called life.

Sabina & Johannes thank you soooooo much for sharing your profound wisdom and guidance, for giving me the opportunity to engage in this blessing and liberation of most of my emo-crap!”

I am a mountain climber and sportive. Since the Dearmoring, I can breathe thru completely, thru the entire body! U.B.

 August 2011, M.L.  “Two  years ago, I was at a point in my development, where I could not leave my cage, my armor, or however I should call this, despite a lot of knowledge. I felt like being on a rubber band, being pulled back. Every attempt to grow failed because of my own boundaries, because of my armor, and led to even more frustration and tightness. Now, after Body De-Armoring, there is no going back to where I was (even though a part of me expected to do so). Thanks God! I state that now I am for the first time at the beginning of an adult life, meaning, I can actively look far beyond my former boundaries and have more freedom in decisions. I feel like a human, with all my strengths and weaknesses! This new life is a gift of which I have always dreamt.

My deep respect and gratitude go to Sabina and Johannes, and to their teachers, who carry this way of liberation out into the world and share. THANK YOU!

Here my recommendation to all friends: do not hesitate, I have never met a stronger and more efficient investment into my own being! And it is great fun!”

As a biologist, I am fascinated by this biological Healing Method. As humans, we are the only life form, that maneuvered itself into sexual behaviors which are contrary to life – how beautiful that there is ways that lead out of this again! I used to be very sick, and Dearmoring was one of my steps to improving my health. Since the Dearmoring, I have much more energy and joy of life, more joy in sexuality, less infections, more mobility and more inner calmness. My cardiologist realized that deposits in my blood vessels disappeared, and this is something that normally does not happen. There is no need any more for a back surgery that was proposed to me. My medical doctors all are surprised, how much better I am now. And I can enjoy my life again!

A big thank you to Sabina and Johannes and the Sweet medicine!

Dr. Marion L., Dipl. Biologist

My goals during and after Body Dearmoring

I recommend Dearmoring to my friends and family, as well as to my clients very much. It is a method I have experienced as very powerful, to reduce and dissolve deficits in one’s souls’, physical and spiritual development.

Report 2007, M.M., Medical Doctor, 69 years old.

Body-Dearmoring is a method which resolves Armoring on a deep level. The method grants a considerable improvement in our accessing the “natural self”, and therefore contributes to a deepening of our contact to ourselves as well as to others. The method is particularly recommendable for people who choose the direct access through the physical body.

Reinhard Mumm, Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist

What happens, is exactly what the word Dearmoring expresses. An armor of protection disappears, with the consequences of becoming more touchable, and more so, becoming more sensitive, lighter and more flexible. I strongly appreciate this obvious gain of free-floating life force within myself. Encounters gain clearly in depth, and everyday life, especially work, need less energy input while rendering a higher quality of life. My initial “scientific” scepticism as medical doctor and surgeon towards Armoring, free flowing on life energy etc. has dissolved together with my armor. Today, I am meeting my life and everyday routine with noticeably more energy and pleasure. In contrast to the era before, I deal very seldom nowadays with flue, colds etc. While I am not able to prove this scientifically, I am convinced the Body Dearmoring is an excellent investment into preventative health care.

Dr. Markus Herzog

Several years after my participation in a retreat, I keep a fond memory of Dearmoring. Few body- therapeutical processes went so deep under my skin and have left such deep and long lasting traces. I consider the combination of vibration, breath and pressure points in a sexually aroused state as a genius method.

Elmar Zadra, Tantra Teacher

Since the Dearmoring, I live fully within my physical body and I experience more lust within my life. My humor has increased and gets me out of restrictions faster whenever I feel my own boundaries. In my work, I can fully engage with others without bringing my own personality into the picture.

Malou Ebenspächer, Trainer and Music Therapist

Dearmoring: an excellent remedy against Burn-out: In a caring and sober atmosphere, I sanded down, piece by piece, my restrictions that I had cultivated for 50 years, and I experienced my body on a completely different level. Letting go of protection and withholding myself, I reached a deep level of being alive. My life force began to flow freely, originally and creatively. Dearmoring is an elixir of Life.

B.M. School director

If you are serious about your self- development, then the Dearmoring of your physical body is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself, no matter what personal path you have chosen. If however you should be wise enough to see your sexuality as a tool on your path towards enlightenment, then you will not be able to avoid to dearmor your physical body, the vehicle of your soul.

Batty Gold, Medicine Man and Quodoushka-teacher