Trauma, Sexual Abuse and Body De-Armoring

It is known that in our societies, at least 10% of men and women have a history of sexual abuse. In different degrees of severity. Many more have experienced non sexual Trauma.

Trockener Baum

Sexual abuse

Regardless of the degree of severity of the concrete incidences, Sexual abuse is an abuse on many levels of the Human Being and the Soul. Faith and trust is broken, the space of who am “I” and who is the outer space gets blurry. Pain, abuse of power, contraction and implemented guilt get catalyzed into the essence of the Human Being. Amongst many other factors, confusion, profound self doubt and shame are (often life-long) results. It goes without saying that Sexual Abuse and Trauma may dominate an entire life script.

Sexual abuse and Trauma

Sexual abuse, as all severe trauma, get stored in the Amygdale inside of the brain. The concrete memory of what has happened often gets lost and is not accessible in the neurology; the Cortex of the brain is cut off from the concrete remembrance stored in the Amygdale, precisely because of the severity of the traumatisation. Therefore, Healing work as well as work on Conscious Behavioural shifts have no, or close to no chance to be successful in the long run. Victims of abuse and Trauma, more often than not, face besides their pain, the almost insurmountable challenge to “prove” to the outer world that they have been a victim. This is a painful reality adding to self doubt and constant questioning of “reality”. The neurological fact of “forgetting” the content of the experience is however scientifically proven, and not a personal question or failure. It is a mechanism of the brain that ensures survival, physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually. However, the Amygdale (where the traumatic experience is stored) will reproduce over and over again the same patterns of defence, survival and behaviour learned inside of the trauma itself. These patterns will be autonomically (without your free will) replayed in very many life situations where they are not useful, and more so, damaging to your life projects, plans and intendings.

The link to Body De-Armoring

The Amygdale is however also the place of response to sexual excitement. Sexual excitement activates the Amygdale. Sexual excitement and arousal is a much higher vibration and frequency than pain and trauma! Thus, thru sexual stimulation, the Amygdale is facilitated to release stored energy, traumatic memories and painful experiences. In this way, Body De-Armoring, thru the factor of Sexual Life Force in a protected, safe, guided, and knowledgeable environment, facilitates the release of Traumata, especially sexual traumata, within the neurological wiring, as well as within the more substantial physical and energetic Armoring of the body.
The space of Body De-Armoring is free of pressure and judgements, and entirely safe for men and women equally. There is no performance pressure in regards to role model expectations, cultural or religious values or hidden expectation. The Sacred Life Force is honoured in all Beings and in all Expressions equally. As Body De-Armoring helps to release the captured energy from sexual, and other traumas in your nervous circuits and physical Armoring, you can simultaneously release the need of reproducing over and over the behavioural patterns, which are simply a Neural and Armor-related reproduction of the traumatic response. Once De-Armored, you now can re-wire neurologically to your own essence, your sexual core, your life force and your sense of pleasure instead of your sense of pain and limitations. Therefore you can successfully re-design your everyday personal, professional and spiritual life.
You may, but you do not have to, support this process thru “Resculpting” Sessions after your De-Armoring. Please note that Body De-Armoring is not a therapy. Sometimes, an additional therapy may support you to re-frame behavioural and mental patterns in order to re- integrate yourself fully into your complete self determined Human-ness. However, without the energetic Release inside your Neurology and Armor, outer change has little chance to be more than just a temporary shift.

The process of Body De-Armoring does not require that you re-visit or re-live past painful experiences. The process directly addresses the physiological, energetic and neurological impacts of traumata and other painful, restrictive experiences. Thus, the healing takes place on a Meta-Level, mostly devoid of personal experiential contents from your history. This is the way in which the impacts of your personal history and traumata will be resolved. If personal memories and life events need deeper attention, we are happy to be there for you and with you throughout the process.