Calendar of Retreats and Reservation

Body Dearmoring Retreats 2022


4. – 17. April, Seminarhof Schöppingen, close to the Netherland border/Münster; German spoken with full English translation
15. – 28. August, Bad Belzig by Berlin; German spoken with full English translation
7. – 20. November, Gut Helmeringen, Germany; Lauingen by Munich;  German spoken with full English translation

6. – 19. June, close to Tallinn, English spoken with Estonian translation Waiting list

Open Dates for private sessions
17. – 29. May 2022, Hätzingen. Waiting List
September 27 – October 9, 2022, Hätzingen.
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We will not conduct Body Dearmoring Retreats in Switzerland in 2022, however offer full Body Dearmoring in the format of 13 private sessions, see above.

The Netherlands
Due to several venues in the Netherlands increasing their prices significantly for participants, we have decided to refrain for now from offering Retreats in the Netherlands. We warmly welcome you in all our German Retreats, especially in Schöppingen close to the Netherlands Border, as well as in our private sessions, with full English-German translation.