Body De-Armoring

From the time we are born we learn to cope with this incredible world we find ourselves in. There are many new and exciting pleasures, and there are some less pleasant experiences too. In protecting ourselves from the hurts and shocks of our new environment we inevitably shield ourselves from the pleasures and from our natural connection with life and ourselves. We loose sight of our essence and the awareness that we can only truly grow and develop spiritually if we are fully in touch with ourselves.


Body Dearmoring

A powerful process through which we dissolve that armoring; it enables us to re-connect with our true selves.

In our Retreats, we share many ancient teachings and techniques around sexuality that have been lost in our culture and upbringing. These are crucial to a deep and responsible understanding of ourselves as sexually mature beings. Body De-Armoring is a deep, holistic process on the physical and soul level. Although we do touch upon personality and character work, the main stream is about learning how to choose pleasure over pain, and how to explore and live with our own sexuality, in balance and responsibility. This is our life force energy – to be truly in touch with it enables us to live a fulfilled life. By raising our own energy to a higher vibration, with stimulating energy points on our body and supported by chiropractic equipment, we gradually free ourselves from the cage which has resulted from many painful or frightening life experiences. Thus we gain a new and lasting level of Presence and enjoyment of life.