Bodydeamoring® Blumenkreis

The Dearmoring process is what removes the armor from your body, and where you free yourself from the impact of past pains and restrictions. The Resculpting process is an option after the Dearmoring.
In Resculpting, your focus is on bringing out your true nature. While in Dearmoring the focus has been on un-doing and healing the past, Resculpting focuses on the future and who you choose to become. An important focus consists in continuing to deepen  the insight into one’s character and structure, and to pursue one’s development characterly into individual freedom from  restrictive structures and patterns.

Resculpting is comparable to a Dearmoring session. Before your session however, your coach will help you to pin down the pieces in any of your aspects (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, sexual), that you desire to change and re- integrate through your session. When you have decided what you desire to change and have spoken your intent, you will go into your session.
Resculpting is a process of direct learning through your body and your soul force, therefore acquiring immediately a new skill and an alternative option in your current behaviour, according to your own intent. In that sense, Resculpting offers the opportunity to work on any part of any of your aspects without pressure to fulfil a particular demand or norm from outside. It is your own choice who you desire to be and become. Resculpting trains your body, the place of the unconscious mind, in a new way of behaviour and re-design of energy, which you will have available in the future. By working with the sexual life force catalyst energy to install this new way of being into your system, you make it available to all of your aspects immediately. It does not erase the old options and patterns of behaviour and thinking; it is a new, physically experienced, alternative. You move out of the automatic impacts of old patterns and create a new, conscious choice for yourself.

Traditionally, a client is advised to resculpt for 13 sessions, preferably within 13 subsequent months after the dearmoring. However this is not the reality, nor the need or desire for most people. One clear clue to tell it is time to resculpt, is when you experience contraction in your personality. Another clue is when your body tells you to do so. Your body knowing will let you know when and how often to resculpt. When you have gone through times of high pressure and stress, it is very beneficial to resculpt, in order to release any unnecessary charge from your system and raise your energy in order to meet the demands in your life with more relaxation and inner space.

Whenever you feel stuck in an old behaviour which is not adequate or fulfilling for you any more, Resculpting can be exactly the right answer to get out of it and change effectively now.

When and where can I resculpt?
Please have a look at the calendar of Resculpting Dates. We offer Resculpting sessions in different countries and locations . After signing up, you will receive more information and a travel description. For private sessions in Switzerland, contact us best via email and we will schedule a date together. You may resculpt up to 3 days in a row when you choose private sessions.  

We also offer occasionally Resculpting weekends, where you resculpt in a group of dearmored people. The weekends include sharing circles, a session on the mat, teachings and a sweat lodge. You find dates and locations in the calendar of events.