The Blessing of Being Dearmored, …

… for your Sexuality and Enlightenment By Batty ThunderBear Gold


Our sexuality has first and foremost the function of intimate union and of increasing our energy vibration. Whenever we have an orgasm, our whole being vibrates faster than before in all of our aspects. We are more balanced; faster vibrating energy dissolves stuck energy, you become healthier and are more in alignment, more open and wider, wiser. There is a direct correlation between the amount of energy that can flow through you, and the amount of what you can experience. The more you are able to experience, the higher will also be your orgiastic experience. Your level of orgasm is completely dependent of how much light energy you are able to let through within your physical body, how much space you have within your body and how fast your body vibrates, how enlightened you are. Higher levels of union and orgasm are very valuable, and agreeable goals. Time changes into timelessness, you do not know any more where “me” ends and “you” begins, whether you are male or female, you become one with the sensation, un-reflected, completely within the here and now. You perceive many different beings, reflections of the soul’s past within the face of your partner. Both become trans-personal, the embodiment of the god and goddess of the many faces. As such, you can place your intent alchemically within the egg and the seed, and design your lives as creators. When the energy vibration increases even more, all physical-ness of the experience dissolves, you become mere ecstatic consciousness, one within the dance of light. 

Why do you not experience this? Or very seldom, and just in it’s beginning? 

Because your vibration is too slow in order to be able to connect with this energy dance. The armor of the physical body slows down your vibration to the extent where you can even loose energy with an orgasm. The Dearmoring of your physical body allows you for the first time to step out of the inevitability of old patterns and to have a choice, instead of barely functioning on your automatic pilot. In all these years, I have never met anyone who did not experience increased sexual experience, more health, more choice, more light and more energy after the Dearmoring. If you are serious about your self-development, then Dearmoring is the best gift you can give to yourself, no matter what your personal path may be. Should you however be wise enough to see your sexuality as a tool on your path towards enlightenment, then it becomes unavoidable to dearmor your vehicle, your physical body.

Batty ThunderBear Gold is known world wide since the 1980ies as a teacher of Quodoushka Workshops about Spiritual sexuality. His extensive work with the reality of thousands of seeking men and women allows him to see and describe a clear distinction between “normal” – that means armored – and de-armored participants within his workshops.