Individual Sessions

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We are happy to let you know that during Covid restrictions for groups, we will continue to offer private sessions for Dearmoring in Switzerland for 2840.- CHF (Swiss residents) or 2400.- € (EU residents) rather than for the regular individual fee of 3500.- CHF for individual Sessions. 

We follow and observe high safety and hygenic standards in regards to “Covid 19” and other possible hazards.
This offer is valid for now until the end of June 2021.
Some spaces are available from May 31st – June 13th 2021.

If it is impossible for you to participate in a Retreat because of your schedule, we are happy to offer you individual sessions in Switzerland at certain times. In individual sessions, we offer you an extensive introduction, 13 sessions on the mat (these 13 sessions form a unit and can only be booked as the entire series of 13 sessions). There will be space in each session for a personal talk. While the 13 sessions happen day after day in a Retreat, you may schedule your individual sessions with some time in- between. In Individual sessions, we do not conduct a full Aura reading and analysis, nor do we share teachings to the different aspects of the Aura. However we will discuss your Body –Character- Type, and we will share tools and knowledge for the deepening and integration of the process. Investment for Individual sessions: CHF 3500.- plus accommodation.