Character and personality

Body Dearmoring is a ceremony of profound Character work

It is not a ‘therapy’, it is a once in a lifetime process for expansion and space on all levels. The Ceremony works directly through the body and one’s sexual Life Force Energy. It illumines and releases the Meta-Structure we are in due to a multitude of past imprints.
The ceremony is designed to find Sovereignty, Autonomy and Liberation from restricting and limiting impacts of one’s past, on all levels of existence. These impacts – called Armor – have created density, within the physiology and more so, within the space we can claim as ours.

This armor, while restricting the body and energy movement, primarily limits one’s character and developmental horizon. When armored, past patterns held within the armor repeat themselves autonomically. Thus we are conditioned by our past, which repeats itself into the future; we are restricted in our movement forward and in our free will choices. It is difficult to access and feel oneself; access to one’s true desires is limited, and relating to others and the world happens through a filter. We experience more separation than connection.

Through the ceremony of Body Dearmoring, one releases the armor from the physical. This opens the door widely to:

  • dropping old reactive patterns which originated in the armor, and therefore accessing your free will and self determination in daily life
  • having a natural and consistent connection to yourself, you come home to yourself
  • relating to the world freely, at will and from one’s center
  • stepping out of emotional dependency into opening one’s heart
  • stepping into the opportunities which your life holds for you
  • experiencing a sense of true and causeless happiness

The main gains of Body Dearmoring, as described above, lay in the realm of spiritual, mental and emotional freedom, and in gaining air under your wings for your ongoing development and refinement.

However you may also gain:

a healthy connection to your natural sexual expression
more sexual depth, sensitivity and receptivity
stronger health and stamina
noticeably more energy, more potential and vitality
a deeper knowing of who you are in your   essence

Body Dearmoring brings more Joy in Life.
It is a new foundation and a new Beginning.