The benefits of De-Armoring


The benefits of De-Armoring

De-Armoring dissolves and heals the past inside of our bodies and being. The past looses it’s grip on us; we free ourselves from old imprints and create the opportunity to find new ways of acting  and new horizons in our lives, instead of re-acting out of our past.

Our history will always be part of us but we don’t need to continue to live under the same restrictions that armor has implemented. We can make the walls drop, which separate us from life. We can release the patterns imprinted in our bodies and discover new ways to be ourselves.

Through Body De-Armoring you become yourself again, with your unrestricted power and potential. You gain energy and zest for life, you become less prone to stress, more relaxed and present. Your sexuality gains depth, you become more sensitive and able to feel and enjoy. And your creativity reconnects with your soul; your self-actualization gains in depth, truth and potential.

In the process itself, we do not have to remember the contents of the past. There is no Need to go back to the painful events and circumstances, which created the armor in the first place. Sometimes, a memory may appear, trigger an emotion, and then it is done.

De-Armoring cleanses and frees!

It is a sober, joyful, transforming process, which only takes two  weeks. Once in a while you may have a difficult day. However the Retreats are characterized by happiness and joy. Because every day, a piece of restriction melts away, and the being opens more to joy and pleasure.

You gain in health and naturalness.

And most importantly, you free your creativity to actualize yourself!