Dearmoring and Homosexuality

No matter what sexual orientation a person  has, he or she goes thru a series of traumatizing  and restricting experiences, which lead to armor.

We understand hetero-, homo- and bi-sexuality as equally valid directions on the Medicine Wheel, and in Body Dearmoring, we  unconditionally support the individual orientation and preference.

Bodydeamoring® Homosexualität
Sabina Tschudi

Homosexual and bi-sexual persons however make the additional experience, that their surrounding expects them in an unreflected way  to be different than how they are.

Homosexuality and the stigma of being different.

Our society defines itself as being heterosexual, and looks at heterosexuality as the norm, and every other orientation as an exception. 
However, our sexual orientation as well as our core gender identity are a deep and essential part of who we are and how we experience ourselves. Therefore, the controversy with oneself as being “different”, as well as dealing with society, the given norms and expectations, can add additional trauma and armor. This is also true of course for Trans-women and – men.