Expansion or Contraction,
two opposed principles in Life

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Armor creates contraction;
De-Armoring promotes growth and development based on expansion.

From early childhood onwards, every human puts on armor. Armor is a response to pain and subjectively perceived threats. Armor therefore is a mechanism of defense, contraction and withdrawal. Armoring desensitizes, we are less perceptive to the inner and outer world. Perception however is an important function of connection growth. In the sexual arena, armoring casts a shadow over our vitality and relaxed naturalness. Inside the prison bars of armor, there is frequently a feeling of inadequacy and embarrassment, which often leads to shame, and fear to show ourselves. In particular, we feel ashamed about our physical body, our genitals and our sexual life force, all of which form our identity. Shame and fear contribute to the reflex of contraction, and we withdraw further from sharing ourselves authentically with the world. Armor stands in our way of inner growth as well as outer self actualization.

Armor creates contraction, whereas growth and development is based on expansion.

These are two opposite principles in life. To a certain extent, we can grow and develop inside of our armoring. There will come a point, however, where we find ourselves up against our own limitations. Usually this is experienced as an underlying sense of dissatisfaction, anguish or frustration.

Body De-Armoring cleanses and liberates.

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Body De-Armoring is a deeply transformative process that only takes two weeks (!) of your time. You will heal from the wounds resulting from constant contraction, from living under tension and stress, and you gain access to being present, relaxed and perceptive. Each day, a piece of limitation falls away. You will open up to yourself more deeply, and to the joy and pleasure of being alive. You become healthier and more relaxed, as the soul is released from its shadows. 

Body De- Armoring is a powerful and reliable way to step out of unconscious conditioning into conscious choices.