Sexuality and Dearmoring

The role of sexuality in Dearmoring

As many spiritual traditions, the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path is based on the five elements in Nature and within humans:

  • water in the south
  • earth in the west
  • wind and air in the north
  • fire in the east
  • the sacred void of creation in the centre of the wheel
Sabina Tschudi

Within us Humans, these five elements are reflected as

  • The giving with tenderness from our hearts and emotions
  • The holding and transforming with intimacy within our body
  • The receiving with care thru our mind
  • The determining with lust and passion from our spirit
  • The life-catalyzation with our sacred sexuality in open heart to heart communication

Sexuality is a very special and sacred power.

Sexuality refers to more than  a sexual act with oneself or another. Rooted in the 1st chakra, in the energy vortex located at the genitalia, it is the original driving force of creation itself. All Life has it’s origin in sexuality, and all children are born from sexuality. It is the only energy of Life-Renewal. In this way, all of our true human acts of creation as well as our own ongoing changes in evolution are born from our sexuality, the creative Life Force. Since centuries, in our culture, we have lost this original knowledge of sacredness in sexuality, and therefore we have burried our connection to the Creative Life Force itself.

Unlike in many cultures, most people have not been educated about sexuality other than on a biological, functional level. Reaching puberty and the first hormonal drives, we are left more or less alone in our sexual discovery. We learn by trial and error, and, for many, this discovery process has left deep scars in our being.

Because sexuality is the origin of all Life and Renewal of Life, and therefore the most powerful and healing energy within us Humans, sexuality is a major healing energy in Body De-Armoring. Body De-Armoring is a process in which you are naked and generate sexual energy through self-stimulation. You do not need any previous training or experience, nor do you have to be particularly sexual in order to participate in Body De-Armoring. It does not matter if you are sexual in your everyday life, nor if you usually come to orgasm. It is your active engagement in the process, not your background, which will allow you to dearmor.

In our current society and conditioning, the techniques utilized inside the process may seem strange, even intimidating. Nevertheless, you will experience from the beginning that the space is absolutely safe and of utmost integrity, inviting to  open to yourself, and a Relief to be in (despite your worries beforehand). The process is natural, easy and liberating.

As an additional gift from the Body De-Armoring process, you will learn many ancient teachings around sexual life force, which are lost in our society and upbringing: how to relate to your own sexuality, to the uniqueness of your own gender and genitalia, and how to bring your sexual energy up to a level of high vibration.

You will re-train your sexuality as a sacred healing power and as a power of deep reconnection to yourself. While this energy is an integral part of the Body De-Armoring process, you will take with you sexual knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime in your own exploration and development.

Sabina and Johannes have been trained in sacred sexuality, and sexual healing over many years. They are loving and experienced coaches and guides, bringing healing between the male and female energy. They carry the gift of integrity, naturalness, heart, and empowerment.