Open your Heart, we are loving human beings.

To open our hearts, we have to let go of fear. Contractions keeps us in a state of constant pressure and in a state of defensiveness and fear. On a cellular and unconscious level, we are ruled by fear; therefore we carry programs of avoidance, holding back and withdrawal.

Hände im Kreis

Fear of Life and fear of ourselves is the driving force of withdrawal and defence. We have taken on fear very early, sometimes as early as in the womb. It is a result of meeting the Unknown, the not yet experienced, and results from a lack of – or subjectively perceived lack of- abilities to meet a new experience. While it is certainly true that in very early childhood, we indeed lacked many abilities to meet challenging or simply new life experiences, as adults, we are fully equipped with the necessary tools to engage in Life with all it’s faces.

Nevertheless, when we remain inside our armor, we remain also under the ruler of fear; we continue to avoid Life and avoid immersing ourselves in Life fully. In fear, we close our hearts. Life however is benevolent, expansive and nurturing. Only when we are expansive and relaxed, can we truly open our hearts and participate in life fully. Our heart is a major sensory organ of perception, acceptance, connection and self expression!

With an open heart, we are a loving human being and we are connected. With a closed and fearful heart, we remain defensive and alone.

To the extent that we remove our armor, we step out of defensiveness and fear. Life becomes tangible, friendly and nurturing, and our hearts can open and blossom.